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STORZ MEDICAL lithotripters
Product overview
  • System Concept
  • Shock Wave Source
  • Indications
Modular flexibility

The MODULITH® SLK is based on a revolutionary new design: it features a medium-sized shock wave source that is mounted to a flexible, easy-to-move articulated arm and offers a wide energy range for all indications of shock wave therapy.

Thanks to its exceptional flexibility, the MODULITH® SLK is also ideal for interdisciplinary use. Shock wave therapy spans a wide spectrum of applications, from urology and orthopaedics up to stone disintegration in gastroenterology and otorhinolaryngology.

The system components can be chosen from a variety of brands and models according to specific hospital requirements. Since individual components can also be used independently, the MODULITH® SLK is an investment that provides rapid pay-off even if the number of ESWL treatments performed is relatively low.

Unequalled cylindrical shock wave source
Highly flexible therapy head
Dual imaging (simultaneous X-ray and ultrasound)
Lithotrack® targeting system – the innovative solution for high-precision localization
Modular set-up – individual system configuration
Maximum application and configuration flexibility
System concept
Unique therapy arm offers maximum flexibility and precision.
Treatment possible from » head to toe «.
Fine adjustment features for optimum adjustment of therapy region.
Therapy head can be moved into space-saving parking position.
The medium-sized shock wave source is mounted to a flexible therapy arm and enables easy and intuitive positioning. The therapy head can be adjusted directly in treatment position according to the patient's specific anatomy.
Shock wave source
Flexible and efficient
Large energy range for all indications
High penetration depth
Large coupling surface for almost painless therapy
In-line ultrasound option by design

With its patented cylindrical source, STORZ MEDICAL has developed a proprietary shock wave generator for exclusive use in all STORZ MEDICAL shock wave devices.

The shock wave source offers an energy range hitherto unequalled in the world of shock wave technology. It is thus possible to select exactly the right energy level for every indication – from pain therapy in orthopaedics up to the treatment of urinary stones or pseudarthrosis in surgery.

Offering a penetration depth of between 0 and 150 mm, the MODULITH® SLK is well prepared to tackle any challenge in daily clinical practice.

The STORZ MEDICAL cylindrical source is designed to enable in-line localization. It features a central opening, which is ideal for the installation of an in-line ultrasound transducer.

Renal stones
Ureteral stones
Bladder stones

Gall bladder stones
Stones in the biliary tract
Pancreatic stones


Salivary stones
Calcified tendonitis
Shoulder pain with/without restricted mobility
Radial/ulnar humeral epicondylitis
Trochanteric tendonitis
Patellar chondropathy
Plantar fasciitis
Dorsal calcaneal spur
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